Learn to Play

Adult Beginners Guitar Groups

For people who’ve always wanted to play the guitar but never found the time!test 1

Designed for complete beginners (The first lesson will cover things like ‘how to hold the guitar’ and getting in tune) with no musical experience and held in the A.S. Potter workshop.

Our guitar groups are based on the simple principal that playing the guitar should be fun. After covering the very basics (three chords and strumming!) you will be playing songs from the start. Every week we will introduce something extra – a new chord, a new idea – in very manageable chunks. No practising scales, no picking out ‘ode to joy’, no exams and only a very little music theory.

Although some songs will be practised with the whole group the ultimate aim is for you to quickly gain the skills to go and find, work out and perform the songs that you want to play.

At this point the group becomes less of a class and more like a weekly open mic night with friends, tea, coffee and biscuits and a little bit of tuition thrown in!

Just £10 a week, 8pm to 9pm based on a group of between 3 and 5 players. Places subject to availability, several days available.

A short group class on basic guitar maintenance and changing the strings will be included for the same price as a session (£10 per student), a huge saving compared to my normal price for one-to-one classes, and all students get discounts on Setups and Services.