The Concert nylon string

banner testThe idea for the first A.S. Potter Concert was to create an instrument for fingerstyle folk and blues players that would combine the tone and clarity of a top classical guitar with the playing characteristics, projection and bass response of a large steel-strung guitar.

With a 640mm (25.2”) scale length it is a very pleasing size for both steel string and classical guitarists and its generous cutaway and 14th fret body join allow easy access along the whole length of the fretboard. This, when combined with a slight radius to the fretboard, a set of high tension nylon strings to give a smooth and low playing action and a very comfortable 46mm nut produces an instrument that is both easy and incredibly rewarding to play.

Unlike most guitars the A.S. Potter Concert was designed with the cutaway included, using an enlarged lower bout to compensate for the reduced upper bout. The resulting large lower soundboard is managed by a bracing system informed by tried and tested classical guitar fan bracing patterns but incorporating elements of twenty-first century jumbo and dreadnaught X-bracing. The unique D bridge was designed to complement this system.

The resulting sound is a well-balanced and warm with strong low notes, clear, bright trebles and good projection.

Whilst it does sound beautiful in the hands of fingerstyle players the A.S. Potter concert has proved excellent for all styles of music and playing.


Standard Configuration;

Soundboard		European Alpine Spruce
Back and Sides		English Walnut
Neck			African Mahogany
Binding			English Holly
Fretboard and Bridge	Cameroon Ebony
Bone nut and saddle
Rubner Tuning machines

Prices from £1975