Instrument Options and Extras

Guitars and tenor guitars

Guitar Materials Options 2014/15

Guitar Options and Extras 2014/15

Mandolins and small instruments

Small instrument materials options to follow shortly

Small instrument options and extras to follow shortly

For a detailed explanation of the policies governing the materials we offer please read the A.S. Potter  Materials and Environmental Policy.

Our tonewood grading explained.

Rather than offering a bewildering selection of ‘A’, ‘AA’, ‘AAA’, ‘Master’ etc. grade timbers at A.S. Potter we offer two options; ‘Standard’ and ‘Select’.

All our materials are high quality carefully sorted tonewoods that will make beautiful instruments. By choosing the ‘Standard’ options your instrument will be made to Alex’s best judgement from a thoughtfully put together selection of timbers from the stock we carry or from trusted suppliers.

If you opt for the ‘Select’ timbers then you will be offered a choice of the uncommonly beautiful timbers Alex reserves when sorting every shipment, or sometimes Alex will travel in person to sawmills or merchants to personally find the best timber for your instrument. The increased cost of ‘Select’ timber reflects both the higher value of this wood and the time that Alex takes to make sure that everything is perfect for you.

Soundboard Grading

The standard A.S. Potter soundboard material is FSC certified European spruce, predominantly sourced from Germany.  Alex carefully sorts the spruce for stiffness and tap tone to ensure that all the sets will produce a great sound. What he doesn’t do is sort for is slight colour variations, stripe or interesting grain. Often these sets would be discarded as ‘seconds’, which is incredibly wasteful for wood that will make extremely high quality instruments. Besides, we think that a little colour or stripe makes for a beautiful and individual instrument. Of course if you want a beautiful clear soundboard with ‘perfect’ grain and uniform colour there are plenty of these around – just choose the ‘Select’ option.